IS OUR WORSHIP WORTHY?                 1 Chronicles 16:1-36      

    Rev. 5:10-14

Background: David has brought the Ark from Shiloh. his was a day of great consecration and fellowship with God. It was also a great barbeque and meal for all the people, and for the occasion, David penned a song commemorating God’s greatness and showing his worship of the Lord.

What is worship? There have been those who have misconstrued what worship is, boxing it in packages marked "music", "church services", "Sunday School", etc. But is that the extent of worship?

 The term "worship" comes from "worthship". What is the Lord worth to you? 

Let’s take the time to examine this concept of our relationship and fellowship with God. Worship includes many facets including submission, service, sincerity.

1          SUBMISSION

In the song David sings in 1 Chr. 16, he reminds us to "give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name..."

Worship is a way of showing we acknowledge someone else as greater than ourselves. As David noted, God's wondrous works are beyond compare.

Several key words denote how our submission shows:

v. 8   Give thanks          Call on His name      Proclaim His deeds

 v. 9   Sing to Him

v. 10  Glory in His holy name

 v. 11  Seek the Lord and His strength

 v. 12  Remember His marvelous works

True worship cries from the heart,  not from the lips.


2          SERVICE

David admonishes us to "bring an offering and come before Him.."

The Lord isn't looking for silver or gold.   The offering He desires is of the heart.

A key word denotes how our submission shows:

v. 28-29 Give … Give … Give

Resources   Time           Abilities           Heart             Self

True service springs from the heart, not the hips

We can come to church services, choir practice, Sunday School, or any other ministry offered and still not worship. 

We can be "religious" and still not worship.

Service is a way of life built upon a foundation of love and adoration. It is not a once-a-week event. Worship is ongoing and takes effort.

Worship requires an inner humbling, a surrender of self-will, a repentance of sin, and trust. It requires cultivating the presence of God. It ascribes to Him the supreme value of who He is and acknowledges His worthiness (worth-ship) in words, deeds, and posture. Worship takes effort.
3          SINCERITY

The psalmist concludes this verse admonishing us "to worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness."

Feigned worship is no worship at all.  It is a mockery to the Lord.

True worship proclaims Christ’s holiness


To be holy before God is to be a beautiful sight because it reminds Him of His Son. We are only holy through him.


v. 35: Save us … Gather us … Deliver us


True sincerity gushes from the heart, not in sips.



“  and all the people said ‘Amen!” and praised the Lord.”


Does your life show He has worth to you?

Is your love for the Lord apparent to all who know you?